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You can now hire a professional customer service representative at competitive rates without set-up costs or long-term commitments.


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The satisfaction of your customers is the goal.

The Marsool employee that you will hire seeks to do his best to raise the level of customer satisfaction through:

Why use Mrsool?

Mrsool services will save you the customer service costs, effort, and expertise required to manage them. You can devote yourself to investing your expertise, time, and money in managing and developing your business and company’s activities.

Mrsool Services

Communication management

Respond and provide the necessary answers to inquiries received on the landline and the WhatsApp application.

Suppliers Coordination

Coordination and follow-up with suppliers and delivery companies to ensure supplies are on time.

Order Management

Send requests that customers submit to you to provide them and confirm the request with customers with delivery dates.

Private Number

Providing a landline number for your company, connected to a technical program that monitors the issuance of periodic reports.


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Mrsool outsourcing service allows you to re-focus your time and resources on other aspects of the business, such as product development, content creation, and sales.

Outsourcing the call center to Mrsool will cut your business costs and help you invest more into your business aspects.

Our outsourcing service provides exceptional support services, placing outgoing calls, handling incoming calls, tracking key call center metrics, performing workforce management, providing outbound call center solutions, and uploading automated scripts.


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Hire 1 Agent
AED 3,500 Monthly


Hiring 5 Agents
AED 3,200 Monthly per agent


Hiring 10 Agents
AED 2,999 Monthly per agent

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